Hidden inside the book

End-Paper Search and Find

The end papers found inside the front and back cover of “The Park Our Town Built” are not simply a nice decoration. They are actually a “Search and Find” game that will keep you looking at the book long after you have read it. Each of the images that are represented inside each square is part of an illustration found inside the book. Go through the book page by page and look at the illustrations carefully. See if you can locate all the different things listed.

Find the Worm

Meet Wormie! He is a happy little fellow that is constantly being chased by birds. Luckily, he is very good at hiding. Can you find him in the book? Did you know that Wormie is hidden on each two page spread? See if you can find him in all the illustrations.

Counting Excercise

What park is not complete with lots of birds, eagerly waiting for hand outs? Here is another fun activity for you. Start with the first spread where the story starts. The is one bird hidden in that page. Spread two, shows two birds. Spread three features three birds, and on it goes. Try to find all the birds hidden in each page.

Find the People

We first meet the man who donated the land; then we meet the mayor; then the kids, etc. Each of the characters that are introduced on one spread, are repeated on every page that follows. So we start of with one person and his dog, then two poeple and a dog, and so on. Can you check to make sure that no character is missing?

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